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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

chicken presentation!
how is my chicken presentation.... i always get told by
SOMEONELICIA that my food photo taking skill is not up to par with daffy's...... and i agree dammit!! but this one... can be good looking chicken with a little imagination.... just look at the chicken and then imagine that there is no rice behind it.... the chicken is on a white plate, sauce around it.... with a white table and a bright sunlight..... how is that!! perfect!! (then SOMEONE is gonna say that chickens are not good looking..... no cute chickens around....)
no no i am just saying that the shape of the chicken is good..... not the shape of the actual chicken.... the mountain of chicken.... in this pic... oh my god i am gonna stop this rubbish.....

roll cake!
because Masako was going home for easter i made a cake before she left.... and it tasted goood! yaaaaaaay. and she liked it too. yaaaaaay! PASS!!!

turned out to be quite well rolled..... needs to improve the decoration a bit.
cross sectional area of the tubular roll cake. hmm i have been revising the design module.....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh wait wait!! MY BIRTHDAY was on the 22nd of March!! i forgot to put the pics up!!! Ernny and my housemates organised my birthday party! it was great!! thank you soo much!

jenny and sam made this cake!! woahhH!!

Mass amount of food... they knew that they have to make a lot to make me full.. they were all so nice... couldnt stop eating. oh man making me hungry now.....

group photoooooooo! wow my hair is so damn long.....
from botton right clockwise, Ernny, Jenny, Aivy, Fel, Me, Sam and Mika

Jenny and Sam's cool present. it makes sounds when you shake it! so cool!

But then i got stuffed and was on the verge of food coming out of my stomach..... and had to stay in this position for about 5 mins.... damn silly. should have eaten slower...
then we played some card games and UNO. talked for a while and then off they went home

THANK YOU EVERYONE! i had a great 20th birthday!!! more mature dai is here now.

been working quite hard this term so i havent had the time to update my blog.... constantly working and not doing much other..... so gonna be another food blogging again...... ate some good food a while ago....

dunno why, but i think my housemates are into soups these days. they keep making nice looking soups! so we got influenced!!