Thursday, March 16, 2006

9th March: Yukochan farewell dinner

We had a farewell dinner for Yukochan who is leaving this easter.... which is now, coz she is an exchange student from japan.... one year has already passed.... so quick....

SO! the main cook of the day is this guy.... Lin Bo!! he is a damn good cook man!! i love his fooooood!

Here is the man with the cooking talents
there! there is Yukochan

Lin Bo cooked chinese food. such a good cook! i learnt some stuff from him, which i will use in the future. here are the food he cooked! so much and so nice!! and so quick! erm i dont know any of the names of the dishes so i am not gonna put any random names.... but the point is.... eveyrthing was so nice!! thank youuuuuuuu!!

this is his "weapon" he says. hahahaha

it took him like...... so little time to cook all these stuff......... well the preparation took quite a while i guess. but soooo cooooooool. all the food so nice and warm!!
i ate so muuuuchhh!! so much that i must have made Lin Bo think i am a pig.... i am not reallyyyy. hahahahahaha

Yukochan requested for a cheese-cake. so i made. back to the same old cheese-cake guy again...
dammit!! i forgot to take the picture of the cheese-cake alone.....
aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddd the three of ussss
i was sooooooooooooo satisfied with the dinner!!! sooooooooooo goooooood!!!

have a good and safe trip back home and hope that we can meet up when i go to japan.... seee youuuuuu!!! thanks for everything. hope you enjoyed the last gift we could offer...


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