Sunday, March 05, 2006

2nd March: SnoW sNow SnOw!!

today.... it snowed soooo much!! and it settled a bit as well!!! waahhh in march!! and in england!!!
and it happened to be the time i was going to uni for a lecture..... but this amount of snow and cycling..... not the best combination.... it was snowing so heavily that i had to look down to stop the snow going in my eyes...... and then the next thing i saw when i looked up was a lamp post...... straight in front of me...... and yeh..... bang into it...... felt so stupid as there was a person walking behind me.... and i thought it was just that person who saw the incidnet....... but apparently not..... a cyclist went past me saying..... "are you alright??" me laughing and saying "hahahaha yeh yeh" dammit she saw me!!!
so i thought someone was saying that i shouldnt go to uni....... so i didnt..... i went back home. hahahahahaha

loooook look so much snow!!

and whats good to eat when its freezing outside..... okonomiyaki!!!!
this is the best i have made.....

didnt get to play snowball fight though.... which is a shame..... though a bunch of kids in earlsdon threw snowballs at me while i was cycling.... but they were so rubbish. hahahahahaha. never got close... never had to dodge.


Blogger valentinA said...

Is that the omelette thingy? how do u make it? pass me the recipe plzzzzzzzzzzz daisssssssssssssss!!!! :D

8:30 AM  
Blogger dais said...

helloooo Stellaa
ok ok here here:
1. mix flour and water and add some fish falvouring (better to use the fish granules from the coventry chinese store. but it should work if you grate the fish cube) mix it so its not too creamy but not too watery.... (keep adding flour or water to do this)
2. cut cabbage into thin slices
3. cut spring onion
4. slice pork. i sliced pork steaks, but you can slice any pork...
5. heat the pan and put some oil. use tissue to wipe the pan with oil, so there is not much oil
6. put the flour and water mixture, and then a layer of cabbage, 1 layer of pork, and some spring onion. (this is all done straight away)
7. put some flour and water mixture on top of the spring onion.
8. wait until it looks done - until its hard.. then flip it around.
9. when the other side is done, it is done!
10. put some sauce.... i dont think you will have the sauce i used so.... hmmmm you can use soy sauce and moyonaise.

hmmmmmm i realise that my explanation is bad.... so i will show you with pics some other time....

10:18 AM  
Blogger dais said...

i found a website that has the recipe..... though its a bit different to the one i made....

10:21 AM  
Blogger valentinA said...

thanks for the link daisssssssssss
gonna try this when i get home! and uh yeh i didn't really understand your recipe:P but hopefully one day u'll make one in front of meeeeeeeeee hahahaha:D

7:46 PM  
Anonymous dais said...

okeeeeeeeee i make in front of you.
my explanation is rubbish as usual.
gooodluck making it at home!!! if you need any advice, just leave a message... i will try my best to explain. hahahahahahahaha.

10:33 PM  

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