Saturday, March 04, 2006

22nd February: Shubei's Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUBEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! though i put this post up..... today.... which is 4th of March.... hahahahaha.
Yes... so.... i got invited to go and celebrate Shubei's birthday!
It was a surprise party, so the scenario was...... we were all meant to be dressed to go to Varsity to have a dinner, before going to badminton. Then PJ will lose her key and then all of us go and look for the key in the kitchen where the food was prepared.... Then PJ finds her key and then ask Shubei to go and get us....

bzzzzzzzzzz(sound of candle burning)
BUT John couldnt light the candles in time.... so the candle wasnt lit when Shubei came in..... we tried to force Shubei to wait outside, so John could light it..... but it didnt light in time even though he used most of the fuel in the lighter......

Thennnnn present. AHHAHAH the wrapping is so cool. Its like a giant candy!

Hmmmm what is Daffy doing.......... ( - - )?
It was ..... 'easy going' food. and loook looooook!!! curly chips!! havent had it since sixthform!! GOOOD STUUUFFF!! and the white bun thing is really nice as well.... and daffy made salmon rolls, which she doesnt like.. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Then went to badminton... it was election day and i didnt get there in time to vote for the president...... and i heard that.... Hing lost by 1 vote..... ooooopsss sorryyyyy. but this is all fate man FATE!!! hahahahahaha or could be just lack of effort.....


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