Sunday, March 05, 2006

1st of March: Japanese potluck!!

woah what a great way to start a new month!! we had a japanese potluck at claycroft. soooo i made some takoyaki, fel made some japanese curry and daffy made green tea ice cream with assistance from stella.....

takoyaki.... with sausage... its meant to have octopus inside, but i couldnt find any octopus in tesco meant that i had to use some alternative..... hmmmm sausage!

fel's curry.. which was extremely good, though following her theory..... this is not a true japanese curry, as Felicia, an Indonesian made it..... dude why did you make indonesian curry!

but it was very gooooood! very impressed!!

daffy's green tea ice cream with bits and bobs, with pandan making it GO GREEEEN.... hahahaah but it was quite nice!

yes very cool but not so dynamically big potluck. very gooooooooooooood. (daffy keeps saying very good very good very good, so its getting to me now.....)


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