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Friday, March 17, 2006

14th March.... : lots of food

today i made lots and lots of food with more effort than usual. here is the list:

ok to start off with.....

cheese roll katsu, which is thin cut pork which is rolled with cheese inside and then deep fried.
inside... cannot see the cheese... needed a bit more cheese
miso flavoured tofu steak
and for dessert, cheesecake

Thursday, March 16, 2006

13th March: Cookie and chinese food

today... we made some cookies!! niceeeee!!! with nuts! a little powdery but still nice. we shall try the other recipe next time....


for dinner i made some chinese food. that i learnt from Lin Bo!! well not the same but using the same sort of technique.... aaaand it turns out to be very goooooooooooooooooood!! using chilli oil and oyster sauce and soy sauce blah blah sauces.... have to try this again!! i likeeeeee


9th March: Yukochan farewell dinner

We had a farewell dinner for Yukochan who is leaving this easter.... which is now, coz she is an exchange student from japan.... one year has already passed.... so quick....

SO! the main cook of the day is this guy.... Lin Bo!! he is a damn good cook man!! i love his fooooood!

Here is the man with the cooking talents
there! there is Yukochan

Lin Bo cooked chinese food. such a good cook! i learnt some stuff from him, which i will use in the future. here are the food he cooked! so much and so nice!! and so quick! erm i dont know any of the names of the dishes so i am not gonna put any random names.... but the point is.... eveyrthing was so nice!! thank youuuuuuuu!!

this is his "weapon" he says. hahahaha

it took him like...... so little time to cook all these stuff......... well the preparation took quite a while i guess. but soooo cooooooool. all the food so nice and warm!!
i ate so muuuuchhh!! so much that i must have made Lin Bo think i am a pig.... i am not reallyyyy. hahahahahaha

Yukochan requested for a cheese-cake. so i made. back to the same old cheese-cake guy again...
dammit!! i forgot to take the picture of the cheese-cake alone.....
aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddd the three of ussss
i was sooooooooooooo satisfied with the dinner!!! sooooooooooo goooooood!!!

have a good and safe trip back home and hope that we can meet up when i go to japan.... seee youuuuuu!!! thanks for everything. hope you enjoyed the last gift we could offer...

Monday, March 13, 2006

March 8th: english looking breakfast....

had an english looking breakfast... it looks quite nice so i put it up.....

and for dinner...... i had chilli chicken! it was very gooood!!! put as much mild chilli as you want on chicken and put it in the oven for about 20 mins! so fast so nice.

with some vegies and rice... good stuff

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

6th March: more and more and more food....

i need to improve my presentation of food... as daffy suggested..... i reduced the amount of food on the plate.... never works man..... it just looks....... lonely. hahahaahahah

lonely salad
very very lonely miso pork with mush
raw tuna!!! with wasabi

the presentation of food! it just looks small portion!! i cannot pull the "woah that looks nice" food look \ (>.<)/
the combination of the food werent too good......
the tuna tasted really nice at the start... then the last few slices were...... fishy...... so i fried the last few... and.... fried tuna is not nice + it was still fishy. yuk!
ok this is where i noticed the selection of the dishes werent the best...
i ate some kimchi with rice...
the salad had vinegar in it..
meat and mushroom....
and then to finish off the dinner....... i drank milk.... oh man the milk was not the best way to go. wasabi, miso, vinegar and soy sauce and on top of that... milk! my stomach felt a bit... uneasy

Sunday, March 05, 2006

5th March: hmmmmm more food.....

for lunch i cooked chicken........ with some miso sauce. with some peppers and tomato. it was gooooooooooooooooooooooooood! try it try it!!
just boil the chicken in a bit of sake (or white wine), water, 2 slices of ginger, 1 slice of lemon and spring onion... but leak is probably nicer to use.
take it out from pan, then serve it on to fried pepper and raw tomatoes. voila! so quick!
oh the sauce is miso soup and a bit of spicy bean sauce mixed in boiled water.

4th March: hmmmmm foood again.....

hmm trying to cook nice food..... this time, it wasnt that successful..... salmon with lemon and butter sauce.... with cabbage and potato....... not the best combination.. need more.... invention!

3rd March: foooood

for dinner, i put a bit more effort in than usual..... i am trying to improve my cooking skill...... hmmmm how can i do it...... i want to learn chinese food!! chineeeseee foooood!! and other good fooood... i also want to present the food nicer....

here is my pork with cougette, onion and tomato. hmmm it tasted goood.... kind of chinese..... ish.... mapo sauce..

2nd March: SnoW sNow SnOw!!

today.... it snowed soooo much!! and it settled a bit as well!!! waahhh in march!! and in england!!!
and it happened to be the time i was going to uni for a lecture..... but this amount of snow and cycling..... not the best combination.... it was snowing so heavily that i had to look down to stop the snow going in my eyes...... and then the next thing i saw when i looked up was a lamp post...... straight in front of me...... and yeh..... bang into it...... felt so stupid as there was a person walking behind me.... and i thought it was just that person who saw the incidnet....... but apparently not..... a cyclist went past me saying..... "are you alright??" me laughing and saying "hahahaha yeh yeh" dammit she saw me!!!
so i thought someone was saying that i shouldnt go to uni....... so i didnt..... i went back home. hahahahahaha

loooook look so much snow!!

and whats good to eat when its freezing outside..... okonomiyaki!!!!
this is the best i have made.....

didnt get to play snowball fight though.... which is a shame..... though a bunch of kids in earlsdon threw snowballs at me while i was cycling.... but they were so rubbish. hahahahahaha. never got close... never had to dodge.

1st of March: Japanese potluck!!

woah what a great way to start a new month!! we had a japanese potluck at claycroft. soooo i made some takoyaki, fel made some japanese curry and daffy made green tea ice cream with assistance from stella.....

takoyaki.... with sausage... its meant to have octopus inside, but i couldnt find any octopus in tesco meant that i had to use some alternative..... hmmmm sausage!

fel's curry.. which was extremely good, though following her theory..... this is not a true japanese curry, as Felicia, an Indonesian made it..... dude why did you make indonesian curry!

but it was very gooooood! very impressed!!

daffy's green tea ice cream with bits and bobs, with pandan making it GO GREEEEN.... hahahaah but it was quite nice!

yes very cool but not so dynamically big potluck. very gooooooooooooood. (daffy keeps saying very good very good very good, so its getting to me now.....)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

27th February: dumpling

thanks Yuko!! she made some dumpling and biscuits and tapioca. but the tapioca had gone bad by the time i got it...... sorryyyyy. but the macha biscuits and the dumplings were sooo niceeee.
couldnt take the biscuit in time..... but got the dumpling pics!!

look at that! beautiful!!

22nd February: Shubei's Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUBEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! though i put this post up..... today.... which is 4th of March.... hahahahaha.
Yes... so.... i got invited to go and celebrate Shubei's birthday!
It was a surprise party, so the scenario was...... we were all meant to be dressed to go to Varsity to have a dinner, before going to badminton. Then PJ will lose her key and then all of us go and look for the key in the kitchen where the food was prepared.... Then PJ finds her key and then ask Shubei to go and get us....

bzzzzzzzzzz(sound of candle burning)
BUT John couldnt light the candles in time.... so the candle wasnt lit when Shubei came in..... we tried to force Shubei to wait outside, so John could light it..... but it didnt light in time even though he used most of the fuel in the lighter......

Thennnnn present. AHHAHAH the wrapping is so cool. Its like a giant candy!

Hmmmm what is Daffy doing.......... ( - - )?
It was ..... 'easy going' food. and loook looooook!!! curly chips!! havent had it since sixthform!! GOOOD STUUUFFF!! and the white bun thing is really nice as well.... and daffy made salmon rolls, which she doesnt like.. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Then went to badminton... it was election day and i didnt get there in time to vote for the president...... and i heard that.... Hing lost by 1 vote..... ooooopsss sorryyyyy. but this is all fate man FATE!!! hahahahahaha or could be just lack of effort.....

20th February: Bowling with Deep!

I went to bowling with Deep, Mai, Savvas, Taffy and Haris. As Mai is going back to japan this easter, this is the last time to chill out with her.....
Havent bowled for a loooooonnnnggg time... but i managed to get decent scores. Here are the photos...

Deep, Mai and me
Harris, Deep and Mai and Savvas' arm

Taffy, who can pronounce japanese very well....

It was a good night out. very relaxing. I always go bowling with my sixthform friends in Northampton so it was a nice change to go and bowl with other friends, and not get beaten so bad...