Saturday, January 07, 2006

7th january 2006!!! Sushiiii for dinner

today, i worked hard on the maths coursework with ZAYNABBBBBBBB!!!!( her name is Zaynab, not so many b's ) i thought i should write her name too
as she wrote my name on her blog....... HAHAHAHA.
Zaynabbbb we are like the slackers in engineering... hahahahaha. BUT we get through the tough stuff and we finish off courseworks and stufffffff. and we got through the first year alright!!!! we are goooooooooooood!

we made sushi for dinnerrrrrr. yaaaaaaaaay.

and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaandddddddd guesss whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! we made inari zushi!!!!! if you dont know what it is..... its this thing here!!! looks gooooooooooood yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! niceee dinnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

we left some for the next day. hehehehehehehe


Blogger fe li ci a said...


wat fat sushis you have...

looks good loooks gooood.... i'm sure is....324618570927595728th times better than the costcu'er ones... ahhahaha..

3:00 AM  
Anonymous dais said...

you have to wait till the sushi is nice and fat! coz then you know that its... ripped... ripen... ripped off....... erm RIPE..
nah i think it tastes.... 314159265358979323846 times nicer than the costcutters one.

8:46 PM  

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