Thursday, December 15, 2005

14th Dec: Coventryyyywent to Coventry! and it's wowww pretty nice. did some shopping... but very inefficient...

and wowwww what's going on!! it hasn't rained for ages!!! cool!

ok ok dinner was..... curry flavoured minced beef with..... leak.... with naan bread yum yum. quick and yum


Blogger Zaynab xXx said...

hey dai! nice 2 kno im not the only 1 who hasnt strtd all other work yet... knew i cud count on u!! hehee
about editin yor date and time, mine was the same, u gotta go 2 yor dashbord-change settings-settings-formatting- then jus edit time zone, u may need 2 republish entire blog...hope tht helps!

5:13 PM  
Blogger dais said...

thank you thank you Zaynab!!! i changed the timeeeeee.... i hope it's changed..

yaaaaaaaay you haven't started work either!!! i knew i could count on you too. hahahahahahaha
let's........ just enjoy life and not do any work ok? HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH

5:58 PM  

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